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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  October 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >>i don't have any final words. she's always going to be with me. right now on action news weekend edition an emotional goodbye for a tampa teen killed in a hit-and-run crash. we talked to the driver who says it wasn't all road rage escalates to a deadly shooting on the streets of hillsborough county. we'll break down what happened. if you're catching a flight this weekend leave your phone behind or get fined, well this type of phone. we'll run down the new ban that starts today. >>i feel bad for people who have that phone. that is like -- >>it's just a sunshine we're going to be talking about that samsung issue this morning. so much more ahead. it is 7:00 on
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i'm lindsey logue. >>and i'm james tully. lots of things to get to including a mew messing over in the action news weather center, debra schrils with us. and debra making your return to action news. >>that's right i was here several years ago. it's so nice to be back. >>good to have you. >>things looking great out there too. >>it looks pretty nice out there partly cloudy excuse. here's a look over we are seeing a few showers in some areas. let's take a minute our weekend planner. rain chances increase about 30%. 87 is our high and then 40% tomorrow with maybe a possibility of a little bit of thunder. current conditions in the mid 70s, partly cloudy skies. it is breezy out there winds out of the east- northeast. on the beach 17 miles per hour out of the east. here's a look at our radar. you can see a few
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hardee, highlands and desoto counties moving to the east and a few showers toward pinellas. the showers will be more numerous into the afternoon. we're looking at bat 30% coverage. here's a look at our future cast so you can see the showers will be spotty as we head throughout the afternoon but don't be surprised if you get caught up in one of those as we head through the day. our temperature today 87 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds and, again, it looks like a pretty decent start to the weekend. pretty decent end too with the possibility of an isolated storm tomorrow. we'll tell you more about that and some changes to our forecast coming in the end of the week, guys. >>debra, thank you. right now clearwater police are searching for a shooter who is on the run. officers say a man was shot near gulf to bay and highland avenue. the victim is expected to be okay and we're trying to get more details and
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we're following a deadly road rage shooting in hillsborough county. two people had two separate road rage incidents and the second one resulted in one of them getting shot and killed. it happened last night on bloomingdale move near kings. two vehicles were stopped when 27-year-old kenneth -- kenneth michael quevas got out and walked back. he was shot and died at the later -- at the >>investigators will be out hooker as long as they need to. the person who fired the -- the shots has not been charged. family and friends grieving the death of ashley perdomo this morning, a hit-and-run driver killed her this week. her friends and family remembered the senior last night. students released balloons also held a moment of silence before the football game. those closest to her described her as a girl who
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she spent time with. >>she was always smiling. she was always happy when i saw her. she just lit up everybody and that's going to be hard not to see [ crying ] >>the man accused of hitting her nicholas constantinis was arrested thursday. he didn't realize he hit her until the next day. a seminole county mom in big trouble this morning. deputies say she took a video 7-year-old driving her car and then posted the video online. police saw it and after watching this video they staked out the bus stop and watched again as he got behind the wheel of his mom's car. deputies pulled them over and mom was arrested. talk about a close call, watch this. an elderly man falls down in traffic. the light is green there. cars continue to drive. thankfully this one stopped with a rolling dash cam video that caught the whole thing much you
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tries to help the man with a cane as other drivers also realized what's happened and they stopped just in time. no one ended up hitting the man and you can see those other drivers helped this guy across the street. wow. >>some ga samaritans there helping him out. families who have loved ones buried in frost proof are being forced to remove items that don't meet the city's guidelines. orange flags have been sites on the -- placed on the sites that aren't following the rule. the mayor says families will also receive a letter and they'll have 30 days to remove any loose items around the grave stones like benches, statues, and after that time frame those items are going to be taken to city hall where loved countries with -- ones with pick them newspaper the most difficult thing i have to hear is -- pick them up. >>the most difficult thing i have to hear is that we're doing
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that couldn't be further from the truth. >>the city council meets monday at 6:00. the ordinance will be discussed, so if you disagree with it, they say we want you there. the mayor wants to hear from families affected by it. 7:07 right now and in democracy 2016 trump is suggesting a boycott of the next issue of people mag after the magazine published a story about a writer who claims trump forcibly kissed her during an interview. >>it's one of a handful of allegations of groping and assault that emerged against him in the last couple of days. >>trump conditions -- conditions all of the allegations but has yet yet to provide the proof he promised would be revealed yesterday. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging friday in both of his campaign rallies against more women accusing him of groping or kissing them without their consent. >>these allegations are 100% false, as everybody, i think you know. >> reporter: it's --
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they're 100% made up. >> reporter: two more women came forward after hearing trump talk about women on a bus. kristin anderson says hearing these stories she told the washington post. >>the person on my right, who unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump put their hands p my skirt. >> reporter: trump and his campaign dismissed her accusation and the one of summer zerbos a former contestant on his tv show the apprentice who told of an alleged sexual misconduct in 2007. >>he began rubbing my shoulder and began kissing me and placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: hillary clinton did not directly address the new allegations when she blasted trump at a fundraiser in seattle. >>if we do our job in 25 days,
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the news every single day [ cheering ] >> reporter: president obama hitting the campaign trail for clinton went even further. >>democracy itself is on the bowl et -- ballot right now. >> reporter: chuck sieverson. the link to the its on us site where people can sign a pledge to fight sexual obama doesn't mention trump in the tweet which reads we still have more to do in the sexual assault and the thinking that leads to it. 2 starts with us. meanwhile on the other side, weeky leaks is dropping thousands of e-mails every day and new ones show hillary clinton's aids have asked former president bill clinton to cancel plans to a wall street investment firm. these hacked e-mails show hilary did not want her husband to cancel the speech
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cancelling was the right step. the campaign had long been worried about appearing to be too close to wall street banks. the final de exacerbate four days away. we will air it here october 14th on abc action news at 9:00. still ahead on abc weekend edition an eye-popping water bill that seemed to come out of nowhere. the huge mistake nearly force add bay area family from their home. could it happen to we're seeing a slight increase in moisture. i'll tell you all about that and what that means for your weekend coming up in just a little bit. ?[music]? >>traffic in the bay area is more than frustrating. it's a serious problem.
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on helping you understand why some roads so bad and when they'll get better. identifying trouble spots, specific ways to improve your drive and explaining the decisions made today that impact roads tomorrow. we're committed to stories that help hard-working people across tampa bay. we're
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month for water to $500 a month. a family feared they'd have to move out of their home after it happened to them. >>martha drake told our reporter jackie callaway they faced losing their water supply and it wasn't even their fault. >> reporter: running water, music to martha drake's ears. >>i've lived here 6 years and normally our water bill would be 25 to $30 a month. >> reporter: then came the august >>shocked, shocked, completely shocked. >> reporter: a staggering $523. the bill indicates martha and her dad somehow used about 70,000 gallons of water in a single month compared to their average 5,000. >>there was no way i could pay $500. >> reporter: once the shock wore off they started trying to figure out how they wound up with a $500 water bill and then they remembered just a block away from their home under
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up here. >> reporter: the water for sinkhole repair poured out of the hydrant in front of her house. she reported the bill and the sinkhole to the county. >> reporter: what did they say to you? >>i called and they said i had to pay that. >> reporter: i contacted the county with questions about the bill looking for an explanation. >>i think it was the day after they said they apologized for the convenience. >> reporter: in this e-mail a county spokesperson confirmed this is the only past 24 months out of range for her average. the county could not confirm where all that water came from but they processed a credit of $448 on the day we made contact. >>very surprised. actually, i didn't think nobody would help us truthfully. we appreciate it. >> reporter: jackie callaway taking action for you. >>good to hear some help there. weather has been a little different in the mornings recently.
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unfortunately, we're getting a little more moist again and humidity going back up. >>i was afraid you'd say that. >>it just happens that way when you get used to something it reverts back. >>good news at the end of the week we may have our first real cold front. that's not till next weekend, though. take a live look outside from our main sail beach come. it looks like a nice day on the beach. some breezy conditions out there, though, with temperatures in the mid 70s and we could possibly see a fe into the afternoon. current temperatures right now as you can see, low to mid 70s all across the bay area. the humidity, though, does rise a little bit today and our rain chans -- chances rise as well. we're looking at 30% chance today with a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow we could see a thunderstorm. it's been a while since we've seen thunder or lightning in the bay area. we're looking at about a 40% chance.
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8:00 comfortable day 75 degrees partly cloudy at noon. the best chance for showers will be in the afternoon. our high temperature tops out at 87. we're already seeing a few showers right now on tighten doppler ray department you can see very light that's the bay area -- radar you can see very light across the bay area. we have slight disturbance that's starting to spark off some showers and that's why our rain chances are incrsi head through the next 24 hours. here's a look at future cast. your best chance for rain is in the afternoon hours and then they'll start to wind down into the evening. our high temperatures today will top out in the mid to upper 80s. that's about normal for this time of year. if you're heading out to raymond james stadium to watch the usf bulls. they'll be bowl eligible if they win tomorrow kick-off at 7:00 7:00 p.m.
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kick-off at 7:00 p.m. rain chances not all that high. we are still watching nicole as it races off to the east. no problems for us and no additional tropical development expected for the next five days or. so that's great news. they are seeing some swells along the eastern coast of the united states, but, again, no problems for us here at home. in fact, here at home on the water it doesn't look too bad although the winds are up a bid out of the northeast your uv index is at an 8. here's your tides. high tide at 2:28 p.m. and, again, the days just continue to get shorter and shorter and we head into the fall and winter. so today your high temperature 87 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, about a 30% chance of a shower and then in the overnight hours we clear out a bit. we still have some clouds but no rain overnight.
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still out of the east- northeast. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. as we head into the workweek we start to decline on rain chances, down to 10% but the end of the workweek is when we might see our next real cold front come through. the timing -- timing is a little bit unsure right now. we're looking at friday into saturday and we could see some cold temperatures behind it for next weekend. guys. debra, thank you. still to florida's med -- medical marijuana dispense reyes. >>we're going to take you on a tour on how some people are taking the drug and how that could all change come
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. 7:22 this saturday. we are so glad you are with us here on abc. medical marijuana could see a major change in florida if it passes next instant abc ryan smith went behind the --
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-- abc ryan smith went behind the scenes. >> reporter: a pristine showroom offering products and slick packaging, but right now only a select number of people in florida are allowed inside. >>to have a natural plant-based solution for some of the patients is such a -- i can't overstate the critical need for that around our state. >> reporter: abc action news is one of the first stations in the state to go behind the scenes operational medical marijuana business. >>what we're actually root development. >> reporter: to the storefront sale, the grow operation is housed in a non-descript building within a building. true leaf has asked we not show the outside. inside they control every aspect of the environment. >>what you see here is about a pound and a half of cannabis. its high levels of of thc mean it is used for terminally ill patients in the state of florida
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through its production process. its oils are extracted and then mixed right here with other natural ingredients like olive oils and coconut oil and put into capsules for consumption. >> reporter: they could consume the products could change in november. right now they allow access to cannabis to patients suffering from involuntary neurological disorders low thc to help with seizures. amendment 2 with a expand the number of conditions covered for medical marijuana use, crohn's disease, parkinson's, even post traumatic stress disorder. >>all of our military at the time ran who are quite frankly -- military veterans who are addicted to opioids and where the only alternative is an
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calls on the department of although regulate production and distribution centers and issue id cards for patient and caregivers. current patients are tracked by a state registry approved by doctor recommendation. >>what i don't think that you'll see is a pot shop on every corner. that has been a fear of some local communities as we're talking to local communities related to store locations, et cetera. so i think that while there will be expanded conditions and there will be necessarily going to fade. >>ryan smith reporting. six groups have been approved to grow and sell medical marijuana in florida. officials project 19 cities across the state will have dispensaries once operations are up and running. true leaf is slated to open in tampa and st. pete are pete in november. the one thing they're
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samsung. ?[music]? >>abc action news brought to you
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action news. >>welcome back to action news this saturday morning. i'm lindsey logue. it is 7:30. family and friends grieving the death of ashley perdomo this morning. a hit-and-run driver hit and killed her this week. the man accused was arrested thursday. he says it wasn't entirely his fault. he says that ashley jumped in front of his car and claims he didn't realize that he'd hit anyone until the next day. police say two incidents and it ended up with one of them dead in hillsborough county last night on bloomingdale avenue near kings. two vehicles were stopped in traffic when kenneth quevas got out, walked to another car, there were words exchanged then shots were fired. he died at the hospital. deputies believe the dow people involved here were involved in an earlier road rage incident prior to the
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starting today heads up, airlines will not allow passengers it take samsung galaxy note 7 on a plane. the phone has been linked to numerous fires including one on a plane. we're going to have more details on this story and how to return yours in less than 2 minutes. >>i'm here with debra schrils. she's going to be helping us out for a while here on the weekends. you were at abc action news before. >>i was. >>you said before denis fill hips on he said, you know, i didn't wear suspenders when you were first here, did i? >>what have you been doing since then. >>i've been doing weather on a few other channels. i've been hosting some talk shows. >>practicing law office. >>i haven't practiced law in several years. that was before i ever got into weather. >>but you have done that. >>he have done that but i saw the light and decided to go back to school for my passion, which was weather and that's when i started doing weather.
7:31 am
about today. >>we do. we have a few showers moving through the bear area. we're going to take a look at our future cast and see our rain chance will be increasing throughout the next couple of -- throughout the next couple of hours, actually, through the next 24 hours or so our rain chances will be increasing. we're seeing some rain on the radar mainly light showers but into the central portion moving into hillsborough county. we're seeing them moving through eastern and western hillsborough county into pinellas and then into polk hardee, highlands and desoto county. we're going to put the rain chance at about 30% chance today, certainly more than we've seen the last couple of days. our current temperatures right now in the mid 70s over most of the bay
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just a little bit so it won't be quite as comfortable as it's been the last few days. here's a look at your weekend planner, 87 today with a few showers, 30% chance. tomorrow rain chance up to 40% and maybe even a thunderstorm. guys. listen to this if you have a samsung galaxy note 7, leave it home. you can no longer bring it with you on a flight. it even includes in your carry-on bag. the department of transportation says people who try will have their phones samsung recalled recalled more than 2.5 million phones and discontinued the note 7 earlier this week. the phone has been linked to fires including one on an airplane earlier this month. owners are getting fireproof boxes in the mail to return their phones. take a look. >>within this box that has this thermal protection which must have been a fortune, it says
7:33 am
damaged, defective lithium ion batteries forbidden for transport by aircraft. >>trucks have to transport this or trained and millions of these are going out across the world. samsung taking no chances as the phones have been known to explode and start fires. the boxes come with very specific instructions on how to safely pack the phone and seal the box. >>really, what other choice do they have? >>meanwhile samsung is pulling out all the stops to keep their cu the company offering $100 gift cards to owners of the recalled galaxy note 7s. the company offering gift cards to customers who trade in their phones for a different samsung device. it's to encourage people to give up their risky phones and keep them as a customer. those who ask for a full refund or switch to another manufacturer's phone will receive 25 bucks. samsung still has not explained what's
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now denying a new wave of sexual misconduct allegations this morning. >>why some women are coming forward no. >> reporter: the first of 8 accusers publicly came forward wednesday night this week. minedy mcgillry was one of them. for her it was the presidential debate that prompted her to speak out. >>we hear him asked a you did, did you grope women, did you kiss them and he just adamantly says no. i jumped off of my couch and i was, like, you're a liar. >> reporter: summer zerbos came forward today. she once appeared as a contestant on trump's reality show the apprentice. after she was kicked off the show she was in talks with trump about working for his company. he asked to
7:35 am
mouthed as he was pulling me towards him. i pushed his chest to put space between him and i said, come on, man, get real. he repeated my words back to me, get real as he began pressing his genitals. i was very jung. >> reporter: in the early 1990s she was an aspiring model according to the post she had never met or seen donald trump in person until he sat down next to her one night in a manhattan dance ub unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump put their hands up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my burned wear. >> reporter: temple tag ert is a former misutah. she said trump can i say kissed her on the lip.
7:36 am
natasha stornoff says he forcibly kissed her and pinned her down in florida. and jessica leads says he grabbed her breasts and put his hands up her skirt on a plane in the early 1980s. donald trump on friday again denied all the allegations against him and described as a political smear campaign. >>i don't know who these people. i look on television. i think it's a disgusting thing. >> reporter: which is exactly how mindy mcgillry says he treated her one ni mcgillry was there with a friend waiting to get her picture taken when she says trump grabbed her from behind. >>he didn't give me a second glance. he knew what he did. i know he knew what he did. i could tell by looking at his smug face. he knew exactly what he did. i told, ken, i was, look, donald you have the -- donald just grabbed my -and he was like, what do you want to do
7:37 am
>> reporter: she says she regrets not confronting him right on the front and despite his insistence that he treats women with respect, all of the women who've come forward say he treated them like objects, that he could have his way with them. >>what would you tell donald trump today? >>you're sick, sick person. and if you don't acknowledge it, then maybe he's just an helpless old man who needs to >>trump denies all of the allegations and promised yesterday to reveal proof that these claims are false. we're waiting on that proof. caught on camera police outside of dallas, texas looking for a couple doing the unthinkable using their child to help them steal thousands of dollars worth of beauty products, sending the girl in to distract the employees, the
7:38 am
are concerned about the welfare of the girl. also caught on camera, incredible video out of massachusetts showing a dramatic rescue of a woman from her sinking suv. a 68-year-old driver accidentally driving into a pond after hopping a curb. a man swam out to save her and was able to get her to shore. and then there's this. take a look at video out of houston, a tractor trailer rolling over and catching veo the street. what happened next that's what's really amazing, a five-year-old boy pulled his 2-year-old brother to safety. their dad, the driver, died in the fire. the older boy telling a witness that his dad hit a guardrail and then crashed. >>i heard a boom kind of noise and i ran out, and i saw a little kid running around. >>both boys in the hospital this morning. the two-year-old
7:39 am
to galveston and their mother was driving a vehicle ahead of them. a barbershop in michigan making headlines this morning for a good reason. thereon this. they are offering kids discounts on haircuts if they read aloud while getting their haircut. $2 off, good enough incentive to get the kids and parents all into the program. the barber at if i recall cut says he got the idea after -- at fuller cut says doing the same thing. here in the bay area james coleston started a reading program for kids. at least four shops maybe even more right now participate. >>it's two bucks off a haircut and all you have to do is read. a texas police department's post going viral. an officer's body cam capturing the moments he walks up to a group while
7:40 am
are y'all having, a party or something. >>dance practice. >>are y'all a group? >>we're all a group. >>what's the name of the group? >>no, it's my wedding. >>it's my brother's wedding. >>so the group doesn't have a name. >>what are you guys doing? dance practice. the groom and his groomsmen were practicing a surprise dance for his wedding the next day. they gave the officer first came up but knew they hadn't done anything wrong. the carrollton police department receiving overwhelmingly positive responses on social media about the attitudes from both parties involved here. the groom says his wife was thrilled with the surprise dance. we have video of that as well. it looks like he put some work into it and passion. you really have to sell it. that's what they caught me in dancing with the
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ranks florida number 1 in credit card fraud. coming up why the security measures can't protect what's in your wallet. ?[music]?
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credit card companies rolled out cards embedded with chips to better protect consumers about a year ago. >>taking action reporter jackie callaway exposes how professionals are already beating the new protection. >> reporter: watch closely. police say you're witnessing yet another way thieves swipe your credit card number. >>it kind of was something that i was always kind of concerned about. >> reporter: in this tampa case a waiter appears to bring his own credit card skimming device
7:45 am
private detective mike owe roku wants to know how a woman in new york obtained his number. >>this is her name, her address in new york. >> reporter: michael got the charge to his card while account -- check thing his account onnine. >>it was kind of scary. >> reporter: scary because the thief knew more than just account information. >>our exact home address. >> reporter: in recent years gas stations measures to secure pumps from skimmers and credit card companies sent out millions of pieces of plastic embedded with chips. still tampa police say the measures failed to slow the tied of credit card fraud. according to experian, florida ranks first in online billing fraud and that's usually related to stolen credit card numbers and the federal trade commission is reporting the highest number
7:46 am
in a -- in a decade. >>i get phone calls and e-mails from other agencies. >> reporter: all 7 detectives at tampa police are buried in these types of cases. michael says he called the cops in new york and they refused to even open a case. >>we don't have any proof. >> reporter: check your accounts online regularly and report any bogus charges immediately so you don't get stuck with the bill for something you never bought. jackie callaway taking action for you. >>and it is the best advice to anything weird. >>you were telling me this morning what you do. >>i shake the -- when you put your card into the gas station pump thing i touch it and i shake it. if you can shake it there's a red flag that goes november my head meaning somebody's may have tampered with it. sure enough this morning i stuck my card and then i shook. it was so loose. i'm just waiting.
7:47 am
station. >>i did, yes, i went to another pump, checked it and put my card in. >>i'm just waiting. >>here's a look right now from owe poll owe beach. it looks -- opollo beach. some places are seeing a few showers, partly cloudy skies and rain chances will be increasing as we head into the next 12 to 24 hours. our current temperatures right now in the low to mid 70s across the bay area, moisture on the chances and humidity will be slightly higher. so today a high of 87 degrees, about a 30% chance of a shower, more than what we've seen over the last week or so. and sunday 86 is our high. we're going to bring the rain chance sunday up to 40% possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow. for today comfortable at 80 and 75 by noon, 83 a few showers possible. best chance will be in the afternoon although i'm sure a few of you
7:48 am
be in the afternoon hours. here is a look at titan doppler radar. you can see a few showers around the bay area now into polk county, hardee, and desoto also hillsborough county and moving into pinellas pretty light and moving pretty quickly, so shouldn't shouldn't disrupt much of your morning activities. this is what we can expect today, about a 30% chance of coverage on the easterly we understand and also a t possibility of seeing a shower, probably not thunderstorm today, we'll leave that possibility up to tomorrow. >>your high temperature today about average for this time of year in the upper 80s around all of the bay area. the lightning are playing the devils and the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. so if you're out ahead of time, things should look nice. partly cloudy skies, expect the
7:49 am
only about a 30% chance and by the time you leave the game partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 70s. no lightning striking outside the arena, but hopefully inside. tropical storm nicole continues to race off to the north and the east and it is just hanging in there. now a tropical storm expected to strengthen back into a hurricane again, but, again, it won't be bothering us as it races off to the north and to the east. and as far as the rest development expected in the next five days or so. if you're on the water, for mariners winds out of the northeast 10 to 15 knots, seas 2 to 3 with a light chop and your uv index is an 8. here's your tides, next high tide at 2:28 p.m. again the days continue to get shorter and shorter as we head into fall and winter. and the gulf temperature's now dropped to
7:50 am
high temperature today 87 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, about a 30% chance of a shower mainly in the afternoon, although you might see a few this morning and then overnight tonight 72 degrees. that rain will be ending as we head through the overnight hours. here's a look at your 7-day forecast, rain chances will be decreasing as we head into the beginning of the workweek down to 10% monday and tuesday, but then our next cold front -- actually, this is what i want to call our first real cold front moves through at the end of the week. into saturday but it looks like next weekend may be cooler with a few changes on the way. guys. >>debra, thank you. still ahead, bargain hunters and coupon queens, i don't think you're going to like this. >>what about coupon kings? >>right. why bed, bath & beyond may be cancelling its coupons. >>what? >>plus amazon's food delivery service versus uber eats,
7:51 am
next ?[music]? >>abc action news weather cameras poured by air rescue air
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7:54 am
amazon is now delivering for free to prime members. >>this after uber eats hits the road. jake peterson is comparing the two. >> reporter: the lunch rush at this restaurant in west tampa is already busy, but this chain is dishing out even more deliciousness after signing up for uber eats. >>south tampa had to higher an extra person just to keep up with the uber eats orders. >> reporter: and now the owner says they're prime customers. >>it's making tampa so progressive. it's simple it's a neat, neat process. >> reporter: here's how it works, log on to the app or website and pick your meal. the order goes to the kitchen and then an amazon contracted driver delivers it to your door. a couple of requirements. the order has to be at least $20, uber eats delivers any amount and the differences don't end there. both apps have the same wait time, 40 minutes in tampa
7:55 am
to the market so they have about half of the restaurants as uber does and here's the big thing. amazon delivers for free but that's what your $99 yearly membership. uber eats is $5 per delivery. >> reporter: so who's the winner? perez doesn't think it's a competition. >>uber is the more, the ma lynn numb -- millennium and amazon prime more family oriented. >> they're looking at bringing the service across the bay. back in tampa customers seem to love having choice snooze i get tired at the end of the day and how much better than to not have to get in my car and have my dinner delivered. >>big chains come to a.m. a lee this season. uber has teamed up with the lightning and will have designated drop-off and pick up lanes near the arena.
7:56 am
games. >>tell me you haven't gotten one of these the blue and white coupons for bed, bath & beyond. "the wall street journal" is reporting these may be no more. the company is moving towards a membership model -- could be moving towards a membership model kind of like amazon. customers would pay 29 bucks a year and then get 20% off all purchases plus free shipping. no word on when this may >>here's my thing with that. i already know i have to spend over 100 bucks then just to make that 29 back and i don't know if i'd do that much shopping at bed, bath & beyond. it's kind of nice to get the coupons. >>right. >>it could work. membership models have worked for other companies. >>we shall see. 7:56 right now. we have another hour coming up after good morning america.
7:57 am
corner and costumes could be a little high, scary if you will. a local mom shares some tips on saving money on those expensive costumes. >>celebrating the rattlesnake. this is a real then apparently a big thing happening this weekend in pasco county. we're going to take you to the event and tell you how you and your family can get in and, well, celebrate the rattlesnake. how's the weather looking for the rattlesnake competition. >>pretty good, the rattlesnake festival is a real thing. it's looking decent today. there is a chance of seeing some rain as we head into the weekend. 87 today, 86 tomorrow, 30% chance of showers today and tomorrow about a 40% chance. as far as your 7-day forecast is concerned, well, there's some changes on the way, although you don't really see them yet in
7:58 am
beginning of the workweek and then the end of the week our rain chances increase and then we're going to see our first real cold front come through next weekend. we don't know the exact timing, but we think it's going to be friday into saturday. jake's going to be at this rattlesnake festival. they don't have venom in them, right? i want to see him put one on his neck. >>i want to see his face when he hears you just said that. >>as long as you hold do it. >>tune in at 9:00. we will show you what happens. >>i'll see you guys in an hour. ?[music]? >>abc action news is brought but toy -- to you by morgan &
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good morni good morning, america. new overnight, donald trump fighting back. tossing the teleprompter and lashing out as more women accuse >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me. >> trump says none of it is true. >> i am a victim. plus, the latest on hillary clinton's e-mail saga. the questions she was forced to answer. extreme weather. several rare tornadoes tearing through coastal oregon. >> whoa. >> blowing up transformers. over 100 homes damaged. >> it's just like a bomb went off. >> now, seattle is in the bull's-eye bracing for a once in


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